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Flipmart is Bangladesh’s ultimate shopping destination, providing a hassle-free online shopping experience with secure and trusted payments. We offer trendy and reliable shopping with all your favorite brands and quality products.

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We strive to grow our e-commerce business with 100℅ customer satisfaction, reliability, and integrity. Now shopping will be easier, faster and more comfortable. So, don’t hesitate to be a part of Flipmart Private Limited Company.

Flipmart Private Limited Company

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Official E-commerce service partner in Bangladesh.

To carry on the business of online shopping of consumer goods and other goods, internet advertising and marketing, creating virtual malls, stores, shops, and shopping catalogs, and providing e-commerce services and e-commerce solutions.

To carry on the business of owning & operating Beauty products which involve e-commerce, trading, digital marketing, export, import, trade, marketing, shop trade, online marketing, etc. and for that purpose to establish in Bangladesh. To carry on the business of all types of e-commerce business import, export, purchasing, receiving, supplying, selling, buying, marketing and trading & manufacturing business and to establish all kinds of raw materials of skin care products, and all kinds of beauty products.

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